Introduction to Raging Bull

Raging Bull is an amazing online casino that you will come across when you get started with playing casino games. This online casino is licensed by Malta Gaming Body. This body ensures that the online casino follows proper casino policy and also does not tamper with the results of the games. Also, the online casino has several payment options that you can try out and enjoy. In this article, we will go into all the casino has to offer and how you can get started with many of the features. Get started with playing online casino games at

Types of casino games

There are various types of games that you can try out and enjoy. These games are based off on the type that you find at land based casinos. When you play at land based casinos, you will normally need to look for tables that you can play at. However, on this casino, you simply change the category you are on and you can choose any game form the category to start playing the game. One of the games that you will find interesting is video slots. The video slot category is a category that is filled with different video slots.

There are several video slots that you will come across. The video slots include 5 reel slots, jackpot slots, bonus game slots ad 3 reel slot. The 5 reel slot is the most common of all the video slots that you will find. To get the best slot, you can search for the slot game using the search feature. Also, you can filter through the games to get only the type of slot that you want. 5 reel slots have special features that you can use to improve your wins when you start playing the online casino game.

Also, while playing the casino game, you will come across in game bonuses that you can trigger with special bonuses. This can be done with scatters or wilds when you land three or more of these symbols on the reel. Another video slot game that you will also find interesting is jackpot slot. This is the game that you will find interesting if you are a high roller. The game gives you the opportunity to win a big amount when you start betting. The good thing is that you do not need to be an expert before you can start playing the game.

Bonus and promotions

When you first visit Raging Bull Casino, you will be welcomed with a welcome bonus. This bonus is available to help you improve your first experience in the online casino. When you make your first deposit, you will be given a welcome bonus. This is usually a deposit bonus that you will get and it is a percentage of your deposit added to your deposit. This is fun, right? When you want to continue playing, you can also claim other bonuses like reload bonus for players to enjoy. This is also based on the deposit you make. Other bonus types include

  • In game bonuses

The online casino offers players with the opportunity to choose various payment options. These options are quite fast and secure. When you make use of MasterCard and also Visa, you can easily make payment right from your card. You can also choose options like skrill and Neteller to get a fast payment option. Also, the online casino offers a high quality security for all the data you share with the online casino. Also, the online casino offers a compatible platform where players can use almost any device to visit the casino. You should check out the casino and start betting.